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Nancy Seeber – Vice President

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Nancy is the only girl and the youngest of four in the Filia family. She was born in New Haven, CT but moved to Irvine, CA when she was 5 and has lived here ever since.

Nancy started in the hotel business following her brother Mike’s footsteps and joined ARP in 1996. Nancy started at square one with the business and has worked her way through every position to become the Vice President of Finance & Administration.

Nancy is married to her husband Stephen. They have four kids that keep her busy and she loves spending quality time with them. Jordanne graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University where she earned her bachelor degree of science in nursing. She passed her Nclex test the 1st time and is now a registered nurse working full time. Cayden is very active in baseball and Boy Scouts and is now in junior high. Cole decided to give up all activities and strictly focus on tennis. He is currently in elementary school and is looking forward to student council. Chazz is doing wonderfully in his kindergarten program at his daycare. She looks forward to Jordanne moving here from Kansas and having all her family together.

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